In this blog: Smartphone app turns 130 Munich taxi/LCV drivers into virtual EVs.

We've learned about this project at eCarTec Munich back in October 2013, and the news now is that it's ready to roll. Technical University of Munchen (TUM) team created a software app and installed in on 130 smartphones. The phone then were given to Munich taxi and truck drives. The app is designed to track their driving behaviour showing how an EV would perform under the same conditions...

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In this blog: Fast and free Tesla Model S charging now also alongside "the Autobahn".

Wanted to visit friends on the other side of Germany for Christmas and show your brand new Model S off? No worries, now you can do it easely – since Dec 16, 2013 Germany has four Tesla Supercharger locations sporting eight chargins spots each. So you can even go to Switzerland, fast and free...

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