EVs in the bus lane – smells like trouble

In this blog: Being stimulated to get yourself electric car is great as long as it does not stimulate traffic.

And there's such an issue already. Growing EV numbers in Norway, where EV driving in the bus lane is permitted, already causing traffic jams there. It is very likely that there's also lots of rumble. As, far not everyone is driving an electric car yet...

Whatever we say EVs are just vehicles. Quiter and fumeless, but more expensive. Which is why some governments introduce diferent incentives to make them more attractive to buy. One such is popular in US, and is now available in some European countries as well – to drive electric vehicles in bus lanes.

I came across a blog over at PluginCars.com, where a 65 years old norwegian warns about the EV bus lane blocking issue. The guy owns Think City and Tesla Model S, but prefers to use his bicycle to reach his Oslo office which is 17 km away from home. He remarks, that "this will soon be an escalating issue". And by "this" he means the traffic jams that EVs are causing in bus lanes particularly from Oslo west/south.

An issue indeed. Bus lanes are for buses after all. How can they follow schedule or even get through? What about the ambulances which sometimes save lives using these empty "corrridors"...?

I've always considered it as kind of weird EV "incentive". But I like to walk into other's shoes so I can easily imagine how most of the drivers are reacting. As it can be quite annoying to watch someone driving by in the bus lane, while you're stuck in the traffic. Or even going a little mad when other's do the same.

Tax deduction, free parking and/or charging – looking how things are going in other coutries I can tell all these work. Doesn't like as if they are an obstacle like EVs hordes in bus lanes.

In the end, it appears at least in Norway EVs are already (partly) causing traffic troubles. This is a very good reason for the governments to reconsider bus lane access for EVs. As we want EV to symbolize progress, and nothing less, right?

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