I just don't want to part that EV out!

In this blog: To part a hybrid out and sell the parts for pennies can hardly be a car stripper's dream.

Yesterday I watched "Strippers: Cars for cash" episode on NatGeo TV. Both teams' cars caught my attention. Ben and Franky's one as it was like the one that Mr. Bean always helped turn over, and Sheldon and George's, because it was a hybrid. Which turned out being not one of Sheldon's favourite cars...

I'm looking around at what people think about EVs now, but recently also started to think of how it will be in the future. My last blog was about the already happening (according to a norwegian guy) EV congestions in the bus lanes, and this TV episode promped another topic – PARTING OUT ELECTRIC VEHICLES!

Well, OK, it's not exactly an EV, but Toyota Prius alsohas a good portion of electrical components like the battery and the high voltage system. So George, being the mechanic in the team (that means he had some not-so-troublesome experiences), decided to play it safe, putting on some special gloves before he ever touch the system.

He offered a pair to Sheldon as well, who smiled and said, "C'mon, gloves! Why would I need gloves, mate, it's just a car?" But he put them on they started taking poor old Prius apart.

So far so good, but it quickly turned out Sheldon's not the biggest hybrids fan around. And forget about the "green" – Sheldon couldn't care less about it, but he's selling parts for living after all. Thing is, though, selling was a pain so he started rumbling.

But when someone called to get the whole car (less engine/tranny pack) he cheered up when told they'll smash it with a tank.

And then, smile quiclky disappead once he had to sell the battery miserably low at just 200 pounds. I could hardly swallow it. These run for 500 on ebay, Sheldy, how could you?! And they even took it to recharge some office computers, not the replace an old one in another Prius. Nah...

It was fun of course, but I realized it's not going to be like parting out an ICE car. PARTING OUT EVs will be a different story. Hope at least it's not as soar as Sheldon's was. But, yeah, it will be different. Big time. We'll need to be secured, and we'll need to have someone checking out the battery (and the whole system actually) before we sell it secong hand. I also suspect at some point there will be certain regulations to obey. We'll see.

One thing is for sure – junkyards will not get fulls of EVs anytime soon, but they starting pouring in eventually. Meanwhile we'll have to learn parting EVs out safely, get the parts examined carefully and sell these for a good profit. No doubt we'll learn all this. Or we won't be happy to mess around with EVs Sheldon wasn't.

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