Smile, Elon, because you made it, boy!

In this blog: Tesla Motors doesn't owe me anything, but does so much for me.

Stocks, financial results, missed expectations, predictions... Everybody's talking about it. They are talking at Tesla Motors as well (think the company's "hero" Elon Musk), but they are also doing something very important – giving. They are costantly expanding their (or shall we say ours) Supercharger network...

They even released their patents to the world – something completely in the spirit of the "open source" movement. That's giving. Not that anyone big, save for Mahindra, expressed their explicit interest in all this treasure (well I'm sure they all did it secretly). Yeah, stocks seem to be much more interesting, a lot of people get (shortsightedly) disappointed from the financial results and there's no shortage of Gigafactory predictions...

I too find myself to occasionally moan when there's Supercharger Network growth news in Europe. Because with no red dots on Eastern Europe until the end of 2015 it somehow makes me need to express my pain by saying something like "come on, why are you not coming here yet?".

True, I feel sad Tesla goes to developed countries first, but do I have the right to blame them? They are investing in charging stations and let us charge our EVs for free after all!

So I'm grateful. To everyone at Tesla. They sell cars, OK, do not give them away, but look at how they do it! And the most important thing is that they succeeded. To me it's not a matter of "Let's see how long they'll survive", "we'll see if they'll make it with a mass model" or so. Elon made it. They made it. Created an amazing electric car from the scratch, started producing it, selling it very successfully and shook the old giants' assess. Tell ме who's not considering Tesla Motors now? Is there not news like "Audi plans an electric Q7 to compete Model X" or "Upcoming BMW 3-series electric will fight Model III"?...

I also like it very much that Elon is joking all the time. Even at some serious events. He finds a way to say something funny, is not shy of saying fuel cells are bullshit and is so confident in running Tesla Motors (and his other ventures). And it's great he smiles, because of his lovely children – he better be cheerful and smile. Like George Blankership, who is now in the great position of being "Director of smiles for Blankership family"

So Elon plays, that's clear to me. Thing are now so deep and corporate with Tesla to think it's only a "wish to help the humanity". At least (and maybe mostly) because there's so much investors and interests involved already. But that wish (to help and change humanity) is in the core of Tesla Motors creation. I know it. I feel it. I even asked myself "What if Nostradamus knew of Elon?"

And then there's this thing that Musk does not want they profit by applying the old gimmicks – inflated service and stuff like that. I do not fool myself that at Tesla they found a (clever) way to earn our money, but 'that's where the key of the tent is" as we like to say in Bulgaria. To be smart, people to like you and you give them a good product they want to pay for upfront and even wait for it. You see BMW is also playing the demand game well now with the i3 and i8.

Model S has it's cons. Interior quality could be better and there's things to fix occasionally. I do accept it all and I enjoy the way they fix them – by replacing and repairing at their own expense. Sure, at Tesla, like everywhere else, they'll always have something to improve. Just let us give them the time they deserve now. They deserve it because of what they are giving us now.

And they owe anything to me or to anyone. Yeah, I'm still about to get a Model S and Tesla Motors is not yet operating in Bulgaria, but I will and it will. There something much more important here though – the change they made is so big that we are yet to realize it. That's my feeling, what's yours?

P.S. Yes, with or without Nostradamus, we have Elon Musk and Tesla Motors. Let's celebrate it!

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