That's more like it – 400 km range for Audi R8 e-tron from 2014

In this blog: "To be or not to be oh my EV, Season X" in Audi – R8 e-tron "doable" again, this time with almost 50 kWh battery.

OK folks :), those folks over at Volkswagen/Audi surprised us again – how about an R8 e-tron running 400 km on a single charge?...

Thinking of these cars, who drives machine like R8 efficiently? And the "e"(tron) won't probably change it. So the original idea of half what is now 400 km of range, was littble bit disturbing. Providing these are mostly NEDC or manufacturer reported figures (so far)...

Nevermind, news from Audi says some R8 e-trons will get produced in 2014. The new battery though looks much more promising with 48.6 kWh capacity. Sounds much better now thought it should be this way from the beginning – it will cost an arm an a leg anyways, so why would you do it with a lousy pack?

If this timei it makes it to production, sometime next year we'll finally have something to compare – namely Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ED, BMW i8 and Audi R8 e-tron. Sure, i8 is not a pure EV, but whose goona talk about the gas engine? Looks like it's time to find a "hot rod" version for EVs.

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