Why would someone buy the UGLY BMW i3?

In this blog: A story about how you get over the things you don't like about BMW i3.

Like seems to be all over the place in our days. Yeah, I like finding stories about EVs on the internet. Especialy of personal experience and reviews. And like (you see :) most of the people, I quickly want to find out why whould someone buy something they describe as UGLY? Usually ugly means "don't like", right? But let's get into a story...

Three years ago a man from Georgia bought a Chevy Volt. Chris Campbell was the first in state to get the EV. His Volt is now three years old, the leasing's ending and Chris is ready to move ahead. This means getting new EV. And he even started a research earlier this year, so he can find out the "successor".

Seems like it will be BMW i3. But there's just one little detail. Chris finds some serious (ummm) issues with the first modern electric BMW and one such is that he thinks it's... UGLY!.

Naturally, here I started wondering why would he want to buy it if he finds it ugly? On top of it, there's even more cons he has to live with. Oh, Chris, man, I'm still just writing (started when you bought the Volt and still waiting for EV sales to start in Bulgaria) and you're already on your second and finding issues? But of course you will. It's a product, which you're paying for, so you will dig to find the ugly things, no doubt!

So, I found Chris's story in Tom Moloughney's blog. Tom invited Chris to share his views on BMW i3 after he did a test drive. And here what Chris shared about the car:

It's UGLY. Just look at it straight on from the front, or straight at the rear. It's a weird design and the skinny tires jump out at you.
Charge port on wrong side of the car. It will annoy me twice a day for my entire life with the car.
No climate prestart on remote. I have it on my Chevy Volt and trust me, once you have this feature, you can't live without it.
No power seats. It takes me forever to get the seat adjusted just right.

Now I wonder even more what would Chris buy an i3? But here's the answer. Because:

the drive is intoxicating!

It's got more power (gimme more) and can carve through turns like it's on rails.

OK, Chris, wonderful, I'm sure I'll find something to dislike as well. The biggest such so far is that we were not given a chance to do a test drive even at BMW Welt in Munich (mid October). Nor at the dealership, because "we don't have it here". Anyways, I don't even know how long we'll need to wait to have it in Bulgaria, but that's what this blog (eCars.bg) is for – to push, push push ;).

In the end, Chris invites BMW to take his money so he can be the first in Georgia with i3 as he was with the Volt. I myself invite BMW to bring it over – we want it in Bulgaria ASAP.

As for if it is ugly, which Chris finds it like, I'll be interested to know how do you find it. Otherwise, seems to me he'll be driving it like crazy, boy will he not?

Yeah, I guess me too!

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