Two new, but real, Model S in Bulgaria right on Fools' Day

In this blog: Two more Tesla Model S popped up in Bulgaria in a single day!

Today we have some fun Fools' Day news – not one, but two Tesla Model S pictures were posted on's Facebook page, no kidding :). Both from Bulgaria...

First, Ivan Salabashev posted a picture of a white Model S from Plovdiv, thoughtfully, unlike us :), hiding the registration plates, which you can't see anyway, as it's a far shot. But you just can't be wrong with this car, so our initial guess that this is Fools' Day prank vanished right away. Actually, this particular Model S should have arrived in Bulgaria last month.

Thanks to Ivan – we're happy to see people share such nice pictures from around the country.

Later, here we go again, but this one took us by surprise – pictures of a Model S right from Sofia's DMV facility. Dark grey (titanium) Model S waiting quietly its new Bulgarian registration plates. The leading blog picture (and more) was posted on our Facebook page by Dancho Kostov, who also later saw the car registered in downtown, driven by a nice young lady. He barely saw it, though, as it passed him by very quietly :).

Thanks to Dancho as well, and best of wishes to the new owners. Hopefully some day one of them will share Model S impressions with's society – we're sure everyone would love to get some fresh Bulgarian Model S feedback?

Well, this is it, right on Fools' Day – no kidding – we've seen two more brand new Tesla Model S in Buglaria! Ain't it awesome :).

tesla model s plovdiv

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