Tesla refuses to sell parts to an independent Norwegian body shop

In this blog: Norwegian body shop files a complaint against Tesla.

Fornebu Bil's laywer is taking the matter to the Norwegian Competition Authority after Tesla refused to sell parts to the body shop to fix damaged Model S fender ...

Fornebu Bil AS is publicly approved body shop which, according to MotorBransjen.no, Tesla refused to sell spare parts to, saying the car must be fixed by the only authorised body shop in Norway.

Fornebu Bil's CEO Christian Galtung Gundersen is very surprised by the refusal and engaged the laywer Dag Sagstad to look into the matter. Sagstad finds the case is of great importance and is going to file a complaint against Tesla at the Norwegian Competition Authority.

He is supportedb by the law firm Haavid, which has great expertise in competition law issues relating to car repairs.

Tesla, of course, has its own version of the story. Tesla's communications manager in Scandinavia Esben Pedersen writes the following in an email to MotorBransjen.no: "As of today we have an approved Tesla Body Shop in Norway, Drammen Body. They handle everything all Tesla cars body damages. Our service centers do not stock body parts which authorized body shops order themselves. Anyone can be approved as Tesla Body Shop."

This can easily turn into a very dramatic case given the Model S popularity in Norway. We certainly hope it's going to be resolved quickly and we'll post more details when available.

Hat tip to our reader Rumen from Oslo.

Via: vg.no

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  1. Guest

can any body shop repair an audi a8 or bmw aluminum body car , or do you need certain tools equipment and clean room ?? this is a certification issue from all manufactures not just tesla.
if I own a tesla I do not want just any yahoo fixing it , unless they are certified to do so. so get the certificates and special equipment and clean room required and stop crying.

  1. Guest

It is really a good post. The post is very informative and interesting. Keep sharing more useful and informative articles. Thank you.

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