Want to think this might be the new Nissan LEAF


In this blog: Nissan hints of future autonomous electric car before Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Scarce details usually means we're getting more and more curious about certain things and playing well the game of curiosity Nissan teases a new concept, about to get revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. What we have so far is the picture above and a line that says a "future vision of car intelligence and electrification"...

It's am intriguing concept judging from those illuminated lines which, if made it to production, will look very stylish on the street. Especially the V-shaped "grille" with the "buttons". Grille in quotes, because with the EVs getting mainstream we're going to have charging port covers, plastic or light metal panels or illuminated accents where the mighty old grille usually was.

The concept looks compact, but the sporty front fenders add an aggresive touch to the vision. Tiny Zero Emission sign on the fender confirms the electric drive and playing a bit with the brightness and contrast shows an edgy taillight over what appears to be a short rear end.

Wether this will be the new Nissan LEAF or a fresh idea for some future autonomous EV we're about to discover at Tokyo Motor Show. What do you think, is it too early for a design like that on the road in 2017 or it's just about time?

eCars.bg / Elektromobili.bg