Getting your EV charged once in... 3-4 years

In this blog: Totally concealed technology provides unthinkable amount of EV energy storage.

We usually fuel our cars once every 3-4 days. But an american electro-chemist claims there is a technology that can make batteries hold their charge for 3-4 years...

If you've watched 1997 "The saint" movie featuring Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue, then you know about this amazing phenomena called cold fusion. You may very well know about it from another source as well.

In this story, the russian underground boss Ivan Tretiak (Rade Serbedzija) paid a professional thief Simon (Val Kilmer) to steal the cold fusion energy formula from scientist Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue). He wants to create an oil crisis in Moscow and seize power, but his scientist was unable to complete the job and so Tretiak decides to demonstrate to starving people how the cold fusion tech actually does not work.

But (as you know from the movie) suddenly the miracle happens – the cold fusion works.

Enough of the movie, with one last interesting addition. Rade Serbedzija, who you may also know as "Borris the Blade" from the cult motion picture "Snatch", is now playing a completely opposite character – he's currently working on two movies: in the first one he plays Milutin Tesla (Nikola Tesla's father), and the other one is "Iznad Maste" or Tesla: Iznad Maste (Tesla: Beyond imagination).

With this short background, let's move on to the battery that holds charge for 3-4 years.

I found the claim of such a technology in Marco Pizzuti's book Forbidden scientific discoveries. Luckily it's available in Bulgarian (but not in English) and inside there's this cold fusion story.

Back in 1989, once Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons showed the cold fusion to the world – technology that could render useless the whole oil industry – the same industry is very quick to react. According to Pizzuti, commanding the scientific circles, it quickly and ruthlessly isolates both scientists, and many others who dare to work on the tech in the next 10 years. Some are even killed!

But in 2009 the CBS News program's "60 minutes" host Scott Pelley decides to make an episode about the cold fusion. In order to make his research, Pelley reaches out for support to the physicist electro-chemist Michael McKubre, who's working on cold fusion for 20 years and claims he yielded some "more than extraordinary results".

McKubre's researches though are also systematically ignored by the orthodox science classifiyng them as influenced by Fleishcmann and Pons' work which is "not based on scientific proofs".

The show goes on as Pelley's looking for some more scientific support and together with Rob Duncan he flew to Israel to make some test in a special lab there. The results? Initially sceptical, Duncan eventually was forced to admit, that the tech works the way his colleagues described it and in the show he says he is surprised he confirms it on air (thus making a statement agains the official science), but it's a fact!

Stay with me, you'll know about the 3-4 year charging battery in a minute. Here's how the show continues:

Scott Pelley: McKubre is an electrician, who predicts that a clean nuclear battery will be created in 20 years.

McKubre: For example, a laptop would come pre-charged with all of the energy that you would ever intend to use. You're now decoupled from your charger and the wall socket.

Scott Pelley: And what about cars?

McKubre: The potential is for an energy source that would run your car for three, four years, for example. And you'd take it in for service every four years and they'd give you a new power supply.

So that was 5 years ago, which means we may be 15 years away of McKubre's magical battery. I am not sure how things will move on, but right now the closest thing to this unimaginable tech is Tesla's free charging forever, enough to go up to 500 km (or even more with eco driving) on a Model S charge.

Nikola Tesla was devoted to a science in the benefit of the mankind.

"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity."

  Nikola Tesla

Well here is his name now shining throught the new Californian EVs – and it seems like the whole world likes and wants them. And movies are now in the makes about Tesla. In all, the public interest about this brilliant talant, ruined by the then world's dominating fininacial circles, is rising again. Can't say if it will be in 15 or 20 years, but I also predict, now – there's a time coming when the whole mainkind will speak again of Nikola Tesla!

As for the "single battery charge every 3-4 years", only thinking about it makes me shiver. /

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