This LED me to some savings

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In this blog: When you switch to LED bulbs at home, electricity savings comes handy for your EV charging!

Just bought my next portion of LED bulbs in my "campaign" to replace the "hot" ones at home. Surprisingly, the light is as warm as from the incandescent buls (@2700K). But LEDs need much less power. For instance, 3.5W LED bulb does the job a of GU10 25W halogen spot bulb. Or 6.3W LED (E27 400 lumens) matches 40W "wired". Nice, I'm now saving electrons for my EV :)...

It's easy to do the math – LED bulbs are 6-7 X more economical. In my case it means 10-15 BGN (€5-8) in savings every month.

And I suddenly started paying more attention to my montly electricity bills. Paying 2 BGN (€1) for nightly charge every 3 days I'm spending 30 BGN (€15) a month so counting the LED bulbs savings it will be half that money. What a shock – from €30-40 weekly to refuel my V6, to €2-3 for the same amount of time in EV. Incredible!


LEDs consume 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

I guess a lot of people already made the switch (to LED bulbs). To me it's such a good experience. Helped me further realize the benefits of all the new electrical technologies we have today.

I realized something else as well – LED bulbs are now cheaper than they were, but still significantly more expensive than the regular ones. Which, by the way, should be already discontinued.

But once I paid them, I forgot about the "mark-up" and how long it's gonna take to compensate. I'm just diving in the benefits :).

All this helps me think about the EV purchase differently. OK, buying couple of bulbs (even so expensive) is way easier than spending €30-40k, but it's good to realize I only care for the tech, the better life it delivers and all the fun I'll have :).