Tesla mobile battery could be the Tesla energy accessory for millions


In this blog: Who wouldn't buy a Tesla battery for 50 bucks?

My son recently purchased his first power bank. If this somehow confuses you, that's why I used mobile battery in the headline. A power bank is a small battery to power your electronics on the go. If Tesla makes such a battery, millions of people could get a piece of the brand much sooner...

At first we were wondering what will our boy use the battery for? He actually wanted to have a spare power for a long bus trip to another city for a math contest. And it turned out it's a very useful gadget.

It's a 3.6V, 16,000 mAh battery with a 10,000 mAh usable capacity. This is great to know and we carefully researched the market before we buy the thing. We wanted to know the usable capacity (and far not every manufacturer shows it clearly on the device). May have something to do with my habit of always looking for the EV's usable battery capacity.

Now imagine such a device made by Tesla, sold as an accessory! Literally millions of people around the world would have a real Tesla energy gadget, and a very useful one. It's a market way beyond just car owners. Just look at those close to 400k Model 3 preorders – there's a obviously a huge Tesla demand.

I like apparel and merchadise and maybe a lot of people do. But a mobile battery is way more useful than a t-shirt, bag or cup. Maybe Tesla guys already discussed it, maybe it's coming, but there's nothing official, so here I am proposing it:

Elon, guys, think of it (make it) – a Tesla mobile battery could be a super cool thing for everyone!

No doubt it may put some strain on the Gigafactory which is going to have to produce huge amounts of batteries anyway. No need to make calculations about it now, but it's such a cool accessory that can be useful to car owners for off-car usage, as well as to everyone who wants to have a Tesla battery, but can afford the EVs or a Powerwall.

It can even be designed like Tesla's mobile connector.

It can be the iPhone of the mobile batteries.