Charging from above – this looks handy

In this blog: We've found a new way of charging an EV – from above!

We haven't seen EV charging station mounted like that. The overhead mounting looks comfortable as the cable is free from dirty floors and you can't stumble over it...

It's obviously made for garages and covered parking lots. Seem very suitable for malls and according to the manufacturer is waterproof. Great, because we've seen some leaking ceilings here and there ;).

We wonder if it can be modified to work outside – sort of like OMV car washes where the hose is attached to rotating arm over the car.

So what we have here is a cable going down when you activate the device from a control panel or remote control. Later when you plug the cable off it just retracts back automatically.

This charging method would be very suitable for disabled people as shown in the video below. That's because some charging stations cables are simply too high for a person in wheelchair to reach.

We've found it on EVSE Llc's website, but there's most likely other companies producing such devices as well. What we'd love to know is how much it costs and if we get that info by email, we'll update this blog accordingly.

[Image: Youtube видео EVSE Llc]

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