Are you not afraid, Elon?

In this blog: A quest to some leader's fears collection.

It's funny thing, the internet. You ask someone something or just write a story, having no idea if your question or story will actually reach that person.

So asking something Elon, and knowing he may never knew or bother answering, does not keep me from asking (myself) questions...

But why should Elon be afraid and of what?

Of quantity. And of speed.

I often see how EV sales of hundreds of thousands are just a drop in the ocean. Yet I find it very inspiring that we are now able to talk in hundreds of thousands (of EVs).

So 500,000 cars are a lot to me. Millions – that is... a lot a lot.

Heard Elon saying he has an OCD. Well, it's probably inevitable doing all those things every day?

And in the beginning it was all personal. Checking every Model S and "always finding the wrong things."

Now the production is much bigger, but Elon told us even better service is coming – the "invisible love" that is.

So with these hundreds of thousands and even millions of Teslas coming our way in just 5 or 10 years I thought:

"Are you not afraid, Elon?" Of "How will it run down the line? Will the quantity lead to mediocrity? What's gonna happen to the Tesla buzz?" Yes, the quantity!

Or maybe the much more important ones like – "Are we going to keep the Earth? Are we capable of kicking gas fast enough?" And others, you can be afraid of. That's the speed!

Of course, it not just about you (Elon). I am asking the same questions JBFranz, Steve Jurvetson or everyone at Tesla. I am asking the same questions Carlos Ghosn, though not related to Tesla Motors. They are scary enough to everyone I guess, the latter two questions.

Just imagine what a collection of fears we'd have knowing what these guys think about and the ways they intend to address all this. 

I don't know the answers yet, but I'm asking myself these and other questions. To me, the mere fact that so many people drive EVs these days means a lot more questions are now flying around. I can feel it driving my Twizy now in the cold, seeing questions in the eyes of the people looking at me on the streets.

And, like EVs, there will be hundreds of thousands, no, millions more questions coming. It just happens that "Are you not afraid, Elon?" is one of these.

Fear not, we're changing!

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