Charging your EV at friends' place – that's fun

In this blog: I do foretaste many new social contacts "produced" by EVs.

The "What's your next car – hydrogen or pure electric?" blog also produced something and it was lots of comments (OK, in the Bulgarian version ^_^). I've learned a lot about the Bulgarian energy mix from this discussion, but another lovely idea popped up. I haven't really thought very much about this so far – the opportunityt to charge your electric vehicle at friends' place...

It was Peter Stoychev (a very happy Ampera driver) who kicked this fresh topic off by saying:

I charge at home. When I come to Sofia I charge at friends' place where I stay.

What he meant to say was lack of EV charging infrastructure doesn't bother him. So I thought about it and that by having an electric car you can easily turn into something like a live Facebooker – because it stimulates meetings, chats and sharing. Good to plan your route ahead, of course – saves troubles and its true we're still very short on charging stations in Bulgaria. It's therefore kind of natural to charge at friends' place when you're away from home :).

And what better occasion to tell them about the car, once their jaws drop realizing you can just plug it in the wall socket. But before they panic, you better tell them it will consume the same amount of electricity per hour as their oven.

It will be a delight to buy a bottle of wine for them for sure... it's such a fun to only think about it – I get in the car for an excusrion somewhere in the country, I pass by friends, we have fun and delicious food and chat while car charges outside or in the garage. Fantastic!

Talking about the country, for now it will need to be around – unless I get myself a Tesla Model S – becasue of the range. Hundred kilometers or so, one way. I could 'd have some issues with Model S as well – no one's gonna have a Supercharger on spot :). I might need to stay for couple of days then, which may be too much for my friends :))).

But that's what villas are for, to get some rest, relax while saving on fuel, BIG TIME (to me it's much more about spewing less emitions, though). You might need an electrician to make your system capable of charging an electric car, which I think will not be that difficult or expensive thing to do – In my garage I charge from simple wall socket after all.

So thinking of it, I hope there will be lots of new friendships born around electric cars, with new fresh topics to discuss and tons of things to share. Cool, so cool.

Thrilled to dive into our future e-lives.

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