Iconic taxi electrified – so good for everyone

In this blog: The new London cab is on a special test – this time as an Extended Range Electric Vehicle.

It's still all British and Mayor of London Boris Johnson takes it for a spin...

Being an EREV the most qurious bit about it is probably exactly how long it makes it on a single charge. Remembering there's fuel a well, the answer is 560 km total range (electricity and gas combined), and it's expected to save a typical london taxi driver 20-40 pounds per shift (day or night). Yammy!

Some famous Londoneers say the ride is "like nothing I have ever experienced before" and "could be a game changer".

The mayor himself adds, that:

"Twe new Metrocab is an absolutely beautiful machine and a masterpiece of British engineering. I have just driven it and it’s totally silent. It’s the Rolls Royce of taxis and it will do 100mpg."

  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Sure, mayor's praising British stuff, and as we can't confirm how good it is, let's just share some figures instead:

  • Max. power – 2 x 50 kW;
  • Max. torque – 2 x 1,400 Нм;
  • Battery: Li-ion Polymer – 12.2 kWh;
  • Onboard charger – 3.3 kW;
  • Top speed – 130 km/h (limited;
  • Range extender – 1.0 l engine mated to a generator; 
  • More than 3 times more fuel efficient than a current London taxi;
  • Emits 75% less CO2, less than 50 g/km CO2;
  • 560 km total range;
  • Gross weight – 2,515 kg;
  • Turn radius – 7.62 m;

As for the "so goood for everyone", indeed it is – cheaper for the taxi drivers, quieter and nicer for the customers, and cleaner for the environment ;).


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