The story of a 7-year long Bulgarian journey


In this story: We started back in 2010, now scaling our production and only need to spread our wings.

OK, that was meant to match the 'Start. Scale. Spread your wings' motto of the SME Assembly, the flagship event of European SME Week held in Tallin from 22 to 24 of November 2017. But this motto perfectly reflects our story so watch us there...

What is it

Coordinated by the European Commission, the European SME Week is organised every autumn together with the SME Assembly and the European Enterprise Promotion Awards Ceremony. Entry to the SME Assembly and European Enterprise Promotion Awards is by personal invitation from the European Commission only and we are honored to present Bulgaria. We are grateful to be invited, we have prepared our presentation carefully and we fly to Tallin to share our experience and entshusiasm with the whole Europe.

When, why and how

On November 22, 28 entrepreneurs from all EU countries present their ideas to change the world for the better. In the end, top 10 ideas will compete in the semifinals.

From tackling food waste, using innovative technology to diagnose health problems, cures for the common cold and antibiotic resistance, smart uses of renewable energy, diminishing CO2 emissions, programs for children with Autism, anti-bullying initiatives and refugee support systems – and more; these entrepreneurs have come up with innovative solutions to pertinent global challenges.

In this, the sixth year of the SME Assembly, the programme will again include the Schumpeter ‘Innovation in Enterprise’ lecture, the 11th European Enterprise Promotion Awards ceremony, keynote speeches from high-level politicians and dignitaries, interactive sessions where participants get an opportunity to drive the policy agenda, practical masterclasses and bootcamps, and an interactive expo to promote start-ups and scale-ups and those that support them.

What are we presenting

Electric cars don't burn anything to move, don't pollute and... yes, we all know that. But our story is so colorful, that it refelcts much more that just this simple message. It's full of thousands of blogs, falls and rises, challenges, fights and personal happenings, but let's say it very shortly – we don't just offer something (small) from the world of the electric mobility. We create experiences. We create this world. From the daily blogs and forum discussions, through EV charging stations production and infrastructure deployment, to the mobile app with gamification and video web series – we make electric mobility easy to understand, desirable and accessible. This is our mission and the motto of the comprehensive project we present in 28 slides in Tallin. 

Here key points again:

  • Blog and forum for e-mobility and effective tech
  • EV charging stations manufacturing
  • EV charging network deployment including mobile app
  • Video web series
  • Complete e-mobile / solar / energy storage solutions

This is the result of 7 years of dedicated work to make electric mobiity popular and to create a market for the change we call the new transport model of the world.

We have a lot to gain, we have a lot to improve and we are happy that we are doing it together with everyone who reads these words. Thanks for the electrifying support and we hope to warm much more hearts in our journey ahead.

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