Deal between Panasonic and Tesla reopens the solar panel factory in Osaka


In this blog: Panasonic reopens its solar panel factory in Osaka after a deal with Tesla.

Apparently Solarcity will install more solar panels since Tesla and Panasonic are making a deal big enough to reopen a factory in Osaka which was closed earlier this year.

After their colaborations on batteries in the Gigafactory in Nevada and solar cells in Buffalo the two companies are working together again. Panasonic will produce complete solar panels for Tesla.

Panasonic is a major solar panel producer with several factories in Asia. Due to lack of interest in roof panels in Japan earlier this year and the following changes in net metering tariffs the company desided to close its factory in Osaka.

Comments from both companies are still expected, but even though the deal is not yet official it should be announced this month.

Solarcity buys solar panels from different suppliers in Norway and China but this deal may mean that the company will start installing more efficient own panels.

The Japaniese company is helping Tesla with the development of solar cells which will be used in their solar panels when production in the factory in Buffalo starts.

Earlier this week Electrek reported that a record amount of solars – a 191% growth – were installed in USA in the last quarter. There is a lot of potential as solars can produce 25% of electricity in USA.

From: Electrek