Open Letter to Mr. Carlos Ghosn and Renault Nissan Alliance


Dear Mr. Ghosn, Renault Nissan team,

We, the team and members of National Platform ELEKTROMOBILI BG are very concerned about Renault Nissan's decision to block valuable Renault ZOE feature for the Bulgarian and Romanian markets...

As we expect Renault Nissan Bulgaria to soon open Renault ZOE order book, we are deeply saddened to discover the "bad roads" stamp Renault has put on Bulgaria and Romania. More presicely, Renault decided to block ordering of the gorgeous ZOE 17" Tech Run wheels because, for example, "the road conditions in Bulgaria do not allow 17" tires."

In one single decision all those years of efforts it took Renault Nissan Alliance to build a reputation as the worlds leading EV manufacturer has become seriously compromised.

It is painful to see the people leading the EV revolution taking such cold war-ish decisions of separation. While our roads are certainly much better then they were, it really is not about roads. It's about freedom – freedom of choice.

We demand the same freedom of choice that everyone who wants to order a diesel Fluence in Bulgaria has. If 17" Akihiro wheels option is available to order upon configuring your Fluence, so should be the 17" Tech Run one on ZOE. Otherwise, how come that the same "bad roads" of ours are not bad for driving a Dynamique Fluence sporting beautiful 17" wheels? What about Clio R.S.? It is even available with 18" sport wheels!

This unfortunate desiosion really sends the wrong signal of "they suck"! As we at ELEKTROMOBILI BG are deeply devoted to EV revolution, we are sure Renault Nissan does not want this kind of image, especially about the electric mobility.

Please reconsider your decision and unblock 17" wheel option on Renault ZOE. Please don't put barries and let the beauty in. Please let everyone fully enjoy those beautiful EVs Carlos Ghosn looks so happy next to!

Thank you!

National Platform ELEKTROMOBILI BG Team and Members

January 14, 2016

Sofia, Bulgaria

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