Inviting you to become a builder of that awesome new EV charger


An EV gadget that illuminates awesomeness.

Have you ever had a gadget that makes you feel good every time you see it? Of those you like to use and feel emotionally attached to! Then let's show you a cool new one and make you part of buiding it – an Electric Vehicle charger that inspires people to go buy an EV and fall in love with it. Let's show you...

Quick update: Ready to tell you the story just in a moment, but first a quick note to let you know that with years of EV experience and the development stage of the project very deep now, we're getting into the production phase of the new charger.

We are happy to make you part of this thrilling project that us all about making the electric mobility popular and desirable. That is why we'd like to ask you to consider a gift of €2,000, €5,000 or €10,000 now.

By giving to the project you become part of the light that these beautiful devices will emit out there on the streets or every nice place they land at, juicing up EVs on the go or while relaxing. You are giving the electric mobility a boost.

OK so let's share what this is all about, how it started and where we are today with the new EV charger development.

It all started back in August 2015, when the founder of your blog had a blast. Five years into EVs, he knows most of the EV charging stations on the market look like a simple power distribution box from the outside. A person unfamiliar with EVs will hardly pay attention to an EV charger and people looking for an EV charge can have a hard time finding one. So let's change this. Let's make a new EV charger that has to be:

– Easy to recognize for everyone;

– Seen from a great distance;

– A symbol for electric mobility;

– Fun to use.

Now how do we make it recognizable for everyone? Well, that was part of the blast – let's use's logo and just enlarge it. Simple as that! A car shape with the EV charging socket inside the wheel, a glowing tire to show charging status and a big standard, known to everyone of us, electrical plug for "Aha, this is for electric cars!"

Let's add couple of big glowing signs as well – CHARGING STATION above and ELEKTROMOBILI.BG at the bottom. They just compliment each other so nicely.

And all this beatifully backlit to glow not only at night, but also in the daytime. In red, green or blue – as the owner of the charger likes it.

Sounds cool, right? Great, let's do it. Little did we know what a challenge it's going to be along the way.

How do you produce a small quantity of plastic boxes, that look similar in shape and material to tons of others (cheap even so) you find at retail stores? Large producers will not respond, and it's too expensive – everyons talks about tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces...

Long story short here, after couple of weeks of looking around and asking, the proper guy magically turns up. We start.

He makes a SolidWorks project, then the casting mold and we are close to get the first boxes vacuum molded. But with lots of trial and error sessions we finally only manage to get couple of non perfect housings.

By lots we mean, the author of this blog was forced to sell a classic car to fund the experiments!

And before we move to the details you now see why we are asking you to make a gift of €2,000, €5,000 or €10,000 for the project. Because your donation is helping us get this beatiful device to serve every present and future EV driver and help spreading EVs in Bulgaria. Why not everywhere? And because it's fun.

Now the housing challenge didn't stop us at all. Meanwhile we managed to sort the LED backlight the way we wanted it to look – glowing brightly and evenly. We achieved the effect by using special Makrolon polymer and translucent film that spreads a uniform light inside the box through the logo and the signs. Look how beautifully it glows.

And then the ring. Oh, this ring. It's something that sets the charger apart. We removed the original Type 2 socket ring and CNC machined our own design – semi transparent, to glow in different colors showing the EV charging status. It has its own special RGB LED ring connected to the charger controller. Can't wait to show you how it works in looks.

This component development also needs some additions funds so your donation of €2,000, €5,000 or €10,000 is helping it make its way into the project.

What about the charging? Well this is a no brainer and not that exciting as the rest of the story. We are working with a trusted supplier to ensure safety, reliability and ease of use. We use only quality components and it's a 22 kWh AC charger – kind of the most powerful one available on the market. Yes, there's the 43 kWh AC chargers, but they are pretty scarce and no EV can make use of them save for the first generation of Renault ZOE. So, with the charger you are helping to produce, one can charge:

  • Nissan LEAF in 3-4 hours;
  • Tesla Model S (Dual charger) 4 hours;
  • Renault ZOE in 1 hour;
  • BMW i3 in 3 hours; etc.

Or you top up and go. It's just up to you.

OK, this is where we are at right now so what are you helping exactly by donating to the project:

We calculated that a budget of €10,000 secured in donations enable us to:

  • Make you part of a super exciting EV project;
  • Fabricate a new casting mold for the proprietary plastic housing;
  • Produce 10 new housings ready for assembly;
  • Produce 5 EV chargers ready for installation;
  • Obtain CE certificate;
  • Go out have fun installing the first devices around the country.

And we have 5 more housings in stock for the next phase when we start selling the devices.

With the experience we now have, we know how exactly to proceed with every stage of the project. We know the processes, the costs and the terms. We work.

So let us involve you, let you help people get an EV charge on the go.

We ask you to make a gift of €2,000, €5,000 or €10,000 and we thank you for considering it.

Our bank account detais: Account holder: ELEKTROMOBILI BG EOOD; IBAN - BG86UNCR70001522507612; Unicredit Bulbank - UNCRBGSF

It's an exciting time that we love sharing with you.

Now you can hear the voice behind all this by calling Martin at +359 888 919329.

Happy to first email us? Feel free to share your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Feeling freat and loving you for being part of lighting up the way ahead!

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