Any Tesla Model 3 futuristic leak may send reservations to Mars


In this blog: Tesla Model 3 reservations already beyond belief and "dangerously" growing.

With the current unbelievable reservations pace, any M3 futuristic leak may send reservations to Mars. And that, oddly, can spell some "disaster"...

Tell me 400,000 reservations for a car in today's world is not a shock! And that's happening within two weeks since reveal. Already speculated we're just heading to half a million Model 3 reservations and to me that's scary. It's such a giant responsibility on Tesla's shoulders.

Just stumbled upon a piece in BGR that says Tesla recently hired another tech guru for the Autopilot program. Milan Kovac was a principle engineer over at Skully Systems, where he worked on Skully AR-1 – a futuristic motorcycle helmet with a built-in heads up display (HUD).

Now Kovac moved to Tesla who, also recently, hired the Porsche Mission E interior designer. That's a lot of fresh talent that has much to do with the "disaster".

The second we all saw first Model 3 concept's interior on March 31 it raised a bunch of eyebrows. No speedo, no tacho, no circles, no nothing. Straight, plain, mysterious. It was only natural to see HUD speculations started circulating around. And Elon haven't made it easier on us by saying "Steering will be like spaceship" and "It will make sence after Part 2 of the reveal". That adds to the mysterious part. Well done, Elon!

So here we are – knowing as little as that and already pumped reservations to 400k. Imagine some futuristic leak and it all will not only skyrocket, but get straight to Mars on Falcon's board.

It's going to be a test of patience. A lot of people will have to wait much longer than they thought they ever would.

I haven't had a chance to tour Fremont and I don't know what the capacity there is and how much it can scale up to. Same for Gigafactory. As Elon twitted recently, he and Tesla's team were caught by surprise. They expected much less reservations and that's why it's probably important to keep it all quiet. Because they may not have the answers as well now, being overwhelmed by the Model 3 euphoria.

If there's something I fell in love about Model 3 right away it was the plain no-gauges dash. And looks like this spot in the car will be the most disccussed one. Any leaks that show some futuristic elements may push the M3 mania beyond belief. Can we all handle it? It's already obsessing my mind a lot.


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