Renault shows new 200 km range Kangoo ZE at Brussels Auto


In this blog: Renault is about to showcase new longer range Kangoo ZE in January 2017.

According to Automoobile Propre, just weeks after revealing the 41 kWh battery ZOE sporting 250-300 km real world range, Renault is about to show upgraded Kangoo ZE at Brussels Expo mid January...

It's a surpise, but it's also a logical step as Renault seems to be on track to offer higher range EVs and after ZOE it makes sense to squeeze some more kilometers out of Kangoo ZE as well.

We're still missing the exact tech specs, but for now Renault announces a new electric motor and promises 50% more range. As always they advertise the NEDC range at 270 km, which means we could probably expect up to 200 km real range in good conditions. Assuming 200 km range the new Kangoo ZE could have 35 kW battery or so.

Good news, but there's some very important here as well – Renault to fit the upgraded model with 3-phase AC on-board charger, preferable the same 22 kW unit as in ZOE. Even half that power is OK, but with 22 kW Kangoo ZE instantly becomes very suitable for longer drives as it could be charged in hour and a half and get back.

As for the price, we expect couple of thousand Euros more for the bigger battery option, like it is for ZOE . We'll find out more after the New Year.

What about the little Twizy? A 100 range coupled with 6.6 kW on-board charger will definitely add some more magic to the mini e-hero :)!

By: Automobile Propre

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