KaramEL web show goes live with a bit of an alien start


In this episode: After Friday 13, KaramEL Web Show's Episode 1 starts with some (small) black holes unclogging.

Right at the start of Sofia's Motor Show we're launching our own web only video show series – KaramEL Web Show goes live today at 11:00 with Episode 1, something unknown, and some broken parts for a flying saucer (OK it's still all in Bulgarian and we'll update with subtitles)...

To look around for a flying saucer parts is something from a different world or at least we're not sure where one would get such stuff. Or where you can repair you flaying saucer for that matter.

But at least we're having an e-hero to soak future tech bits which we in turn can get a clue about as well.

By the way it turned out there was some holes in Studetnski grad (where university students live apparently). Black holes. That need unclogging. What could it mean?

No idea, though if there's 'people' to do such things... aliens, that is, it looks like there is a demand.

We also heard that up there it's not like here, as we charge where we like. It turns out there's no electricity all over the place in space.

And then, the hybrid kids question – you know, half human, half robot... But it's where we're headed to anyway if we're about to judge from the AI hysteria that the world is getting into.

OK, too much trash talking - time for video! Click >>>

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