No Mercedes-Benz EV yet, but Daimler tops German EV sales in 2013

In this blog: Twice as much EVs sold in Germany in 2013 than in 2012 – Daimler leads with 31% in 2013.

Blame it on the holidays or something else – December 2013 was very short on EV sales in Germany. With close to thousand EV registrations, last year's October was the top month and despite it's still a fraction of the market, it's a very optimistic double in the EV sales year-to-year...

It's still very slow indeed and not only in December – total EV sales are tiny part of german auto market, even with the introduction of three more EV's in last quarter: that is BMW i3, Tesla Model S and VW e-uP! But let's give it some time – they just started after all.

Tesla Model S will maybe need even more time – german's stick to "proven" stuff, yeah... With some more Superchargers along the Autobahns it will surely get more and more popular.

But the german EV market has its temporary leader – the domestic smart electric drive. With 1,846 smart ED registrations by November 2013, Daimler leads the market with 31% slightly adead of Renault's 29% from the combined ZOE (947) and Twizy (806) sales. We'll update the info once German Auto Association (KBA) releases final 2013 new registrations data.

smart electric drive interior ecars bg ecartec munchen 2013

In October we visited eCarTec Munich 2013, but couldn't test drive smart ED as it was only on display inside. But we'll have such an opportunity on our next Munich visit, because our friend Vesselinka Koch, who lives in Garching just next to Munich, got her new electric smart at the very end of 2013. She's the first woman in Garching to drive an EV and we're keen to know about her first impressions.

According to, electric smart will cost you at least €13,215.00. Montly leasing for the base model is fixed at €128,77 (20% downpayment, 36-months contract and 30,000 km driving). Add the €65 battery rate and your smart ED will cost you close to €200 every month. Again it's the base price so adding options will cost you more.

Here you ca find the smart ED prices and configurator.

So, according to the official data, 6,051 new EVs were registered in 2013 in Germany. This does not include plugin hybrids which is good as we it shows exactly how many pure EVs were registered.

In 2012 there were 2,956 new EV registrations and keeping in mind this is just a fraction of the total vehicle registrations, it's twice as much in 2013. That means also used EV market will be growing soon as well. Looking forward to it.