For good, BMW i3's navigation may put you on a train

In this blog: BMW i3's navigation connects you to the public transport systems in 17 countries.

Yeah, looks like the first intermodal in-car navigation is here... finally. Product of INRIX, it will be integrated with BMW ConnectedDrive systems in the new i3 and i8 EVs. Not sure anyone driving i8 will want to catch the bus instead, but things happen...

inrix infographicIntermodal means it adds the plublic transport to your route planning. What INRIX navigstion does, is to monitor the real traffic conditions and suggest alternative means of transport so you reach your destination faster if there's traffic jams or other delays enroute.

Should you opt to use the public transport, i3's navi guides you to the nearest bus stop or train station so you catch the next one in time. Sweet!

What INRIX also does in BMW ConnectedDrive, is to help calculating the available range to your destination from your current location. Of course it also shows the available charging stations – it's just getting part of EVs navigations systems.

Here what INRIX EV Navigation does for you:

  • Determines available range from your current location to the destination based on traffic congestion, battery state of charge, topography, and other variables navigating him or her to an available EV charging station as needed along the way;
  • Provides individually and continuously verified information on location, operating hours, number of connectors, supported plug types and voltage as well as availability; and
  • Recommends the fastest mode of transportation to a destination, comparing public transportation schedules with expected vehicle travel times in traffic.

We're yet to see how often INRIX navigaion will update the charging stations added to the datebase. It's interesting to see which operators and public charging stations will make it into i3's navigation. An important data, indeed, because one day it will be availabe in Bulgaria as well and it's great to know how BMW i3 is going to navitage is locally.