ZOE can be first, but also last

In this blog: When you drive ZOE make sure your head does not hit the window to the left ;).

I just don't want to find out how secure a car is from personal experience, so expert reviews comes very handy. And according such a review, coming from EURO Ncap, Renault ZOE is the best in its class, including ICE vehicles, in terms of safety and security...

Right now thinking of ZOE a little more interesting to me is that recently Auto Bild couldn't even squeze 60 km in the Alps. Weird thing, but having no details on the test lets move to the safety.

Last year ZOE got five stars in crash tests (March 2013), but "best in class" is kind of more attractive. Testing is a great thing, but the chart is kind – we always seem to look at who's ahead.

For an electric car, being still a rare thing, if you're wondering "What the hell happens if someone hits me?", it could be relieving so see it's number one in safety tests.

It helps that ZOE battery's inside a case that keeps it safer. Remember early Chevrolet Volt crashes/fires – GM made a tougher case for the battery and seems like this did the trick.

Good, I'm happy for the ZOE. Haven't watched how EURO Ncap does the tests, but it looks like a punching bag deal. They even drive nails into the cell. Maaan, they really do such test? I woudn't drive nails into my ZOE's battery, no way :).

So ZOE's recent quests are a real roller coaster. From last in (cold) range to first in safety, these are all things I wouldn't like to mess around with.