Crazy e-offroad experience – electric UTV spins like drill (video)

In this blog: Electric UTV sports 4 in-wheel motors for a crazy offroad riding.

This is an offroad killer machine and the video just sparked us from the beginning – the thing just flies in the woods. It's a prototype made by EVDrive, has 4 in-wheel motors and just spins around like drill...

They call it e-UTV (oh, welll...) and it's based on Terra-Torque-Drive™ system. OK, the exact name is e-Teryx4 UTV. Power comes from four independent driving liquid cooled subsystems EVDrive EVD35 each good for 35 kW / 47 hp, but reduced to 30 kW for 120 kW / 160 hp peak power.

Torque at each in-wheel motors is 90 Nm and the motors are the main part of each system. There's also a single gear reductor, which multiplies the torque to 984 Нм at the CV joint. Ouch! Yeah, but just look what it does in the video and – top speed is just 72 km/h, but with good traction the e-UTV needs only 4 secs to make it. Accelerrated like hell!

For the protoype EVDrive picked up a 4-seat Kawasaki because of its short wheelbase, low turning radius and the offroad capabilities of the UTV.

Then they modified it by swapping the gas engine and the AWD with their Terra-Torque-Drive system, designed to eliminate the additional mechanical lossess of the standart Kawasaki Teryx4 UTV.

See for yourself: