What's your next car – hydrogen or pure electric?

In this blog: Hydrogen or electricity, that is the question?

There's this number floating around the web recently – Toyota sold 7 million hybrids. Yeah, It's big and we're driving them in Bulgaria as well, though we're diesel slaves here in Europe. It dominates, hands up. For now...

Safe to say they're already mainstream – the hybrids. They don't turn heads. Hardly a surprise with sales counting in millions. Electric cars – well that's (for now as well) a different story.

But far before they fit that much into our lives, auto makers headed in diverse directions. Toyota, for example, is obviosly not in love with pure electrics.

It was Elon Musk who called them (Fuel Cells) Foll Cells, and speaking at Detroit Auto Show, Toyota's Bob Carter made it clear that:

"I don't care what Elon, Carlos or Johnattan think about the Fuel Cells."

Means, they're developing exaclty the Fuel Cell tech in Toyota, and doesn't seem to care what those folks over at Tesla, Nissan and VW say about it. And they look very serious in this. Serious as firing bullets in hydrogen tanks!

Small caliber, OK, but still bullets, which "only scratch the tank". Not surprised at all, knowing that EURO Ncap drives nails into EV batteries...


They better do these weird tests, however, as people are capable of all kinds of shit. Time will tell if we're capable to take Toyota's idea to heart. May take a decade or so to find out, as well as more bullets, fuel stations and a new mindset.

How's your's about it?

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